Extensive COVID-19 Safety Measures

We have done far more than implementing new protocols in response to Covid-19. Read on to learn more.

Dental Office Built for Aerosol Containment and Mitigation

Swamp Rabbit Dental was built from the ground up during the global pandemic. The HVAC ductwork within our walls and our three-step air disinfection and filtration system were designed to ensure the recirculated air inside our building is as safe as possible.

How Does It Work?

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Aerosol Containment

  • To protect the breathing zone around the patient during aerosol-generating dental procedures, we use high-velocity suction handpieces. This is the norm in most dental offices.
  • The ductwork within our walls was designed to include air returns in the rear of each treatment and hygiene room–as recommended by the recent CDC…Opens a new window to the CDC website… Guidance for Dental Settings–to pull aerosols away from patients, staff, and the rest of the office. In most buildings and homes, there are many air supply vents, but far fewer air return vents, so air is pulled throughout the building toward the more centralized air return(s). The CDC advised that “ventilation systems that provide air movement in a clean-to-less-clean flow direction reduce the distribution of contaminants and are better at protecting staff and patients.”
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Aerosol Mitigation

  • We launch a 3-step attack of air purification, filtration, and UV-C disinfection inside our air handler.
  • The Air Oasis Bi-Polar® Air Purifier — which is 99% effective in trapping germs and viruses, mold, and indoor allergens — charges air particles with positive and negative ions to make them stick together before going through the filter. Unlike some similar products, the Air Oasis purifier does not produce ozone as a by-product.
  • UV-C germicidal lights at three separate points in each of our HVAC units disinfect the return air before any is recirculated in the building.
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