Sedation Dentistry

Who says you can't relax at your dentist's office?
"I Hate Going to the Dentist!"
If this sounds like you, give us a try. We’ll have you talking out of the other side of your mouth in no time.
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Did you know that almost everyone feels a little anxious or apprehensive about undergoing a dental procedure? It’s a completely normal reaction, and we are here to help!

At Swamp Rabbit Dental, it is our goal to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed during your visit. Therefore, we’ve taken action against dental fear by offering superior sedation dentistry options so you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Our options include:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation

Thanks to sedation dentistry, Dr. Alexander…Click to learn more about Dr. Alexander… can help even the most nervous patient achieve a healthy smile in a safe and timely manner – taking fear out of the equation!

Our Solutions

Dr. Alexander is qualified to offer various sedation options in Greenville, SC.

A woman in the dentist's chair and feeling relaxed
Nitrous Oxide
Also known as “laughing gas,” this mild form of sedation is breathed through a nose hood before your procedure. It is a sweet-smelling gas that will place you in a calm state, allowing you to remain relaxed during your visit.
A woman sitting in the dentist's chair while smiling
Oral Sedation
This sedation option involves using medication taken orally to make you feel at ease and remove any feelings of fear or anxiety. It is taken before your treatment starts, and you won’t feel the dental work being done.
A male patient sitting in the dentist's chair while smiling
IV Sedation
IV sedation delivers medication directly into your veins (in your arm or hand), which leaves you completely relaxed. Dr. Alexander is certified to administer this form of sedation safely, so you are in good hands.

Zero Anxiety Dentistry Has Arrived!

It's true! You can receive comprehensive dental care without any feelings of dental anxiety.

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Relax and enjoy your dental appointment

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Overcome fear and anxiety during every visit

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Say "goodbye" to pain during your procedure

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Receive personalized sedation options suited to your needs

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Enjoy more efficient and seamless dental procedures

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Get multiple procedures done at the same time

Leave your worries at the door and restore your smile to the way it was meant to be!

Patient Review

‘‘Everyone was so kind and wonderful, both professional and personable. I am very terrified of any dentist, but everyone helped me during my appointment; they didn't say anything about me being terrified instead they talked to me and helped me to relax more. The appointment went well, I'm very satisfied with the work that I got done!’’

Sheila C.

We Have Everything Covered
Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.
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There is no need to feel nervous with Dr. Alexander and his Swamp Rabbit Dental team. At our office, we focus on providing comprehensive dentistry and honest care with your health (and fun!) in mind.

We’ve designed and built our office…Click to know our office… and services to appeal to your every need while giving you the best care possible. No matter your dental situation, we treat you without judgment and keep an open line of communication to build a long-lasting and genuine partnership with you.

Here are some ways we look out for you during your visit:

  • Zero anxiety dental experience
  • Compassionate and patient-centered approach
  • Warm and comfortable atmosphere
  • Wide range of dental services under one roof
  • Advanced technology
  • Safe and modern office
  • Caring, fun, and professional team!
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