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I have to tell you right up front that I love my job. Before I tell you why, though, I’ll share a little about my background.

My parents were both from Greenville, and I was born here. My dad’s job moved us around the country throughout my childhood, including Georgia, where I attended high school and met my future wife.

I then attended the University of Georgia for my undergraduate degree and the Medical College of Georgia for dental school. Over the years, my family and I visited my grandparents often here in Greenville, and we watched the area grow and transform into the vibrant, wonderful place it is today.

Upon graduating from dental school in 2004, I moved back to Greenville. A few years later, I rekindled a long-distance relationship with my high-school sweetheart, Claire. We now live near Cleveland Park with our daughter and son.

Why He Loves His Job

(psst. it's because of you!)

Dentistry is an exciting and ever-changing field. New, emerging technologies and improved materials mean there is always a new skill to master.

To offer my patients top-notch dental care, continuing education is important to stay on top of new advances in the field. Networking with other dentists around the country is also beneficial to learn from others’ successes and challenges.

At the start of my career, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a well-established practice in Simpsonville. The dentist who founded that practice took another younger dentist and me under his wing, and what an amazing gift that was. We learned so much from him—about dentistry, running an office, and building long-lasting patient relationships. When he retired, we co-owned that practice for the last 15 years, but I always knew I wanted to open a practice of my own here in Greenville.

Outside the office

Being a dentist is also a great match for me personally. I have always had a knack for working with my hands, and I am very detail-oriented.

Outside the office, I enjoy mountain biking, tennis, Georgia Bulldogs football, woodworking, and gardening. But I have always been intrigued by health studies and science. Dentistry is the perfect blend of science and art—and yet, instead of being tucked away in the solitude of some lab, I get to enjoy the company of my patients and staff.

There can be only one thing, though, that is the number ONE best thing about being a dentist. By far, the most rewarding part of my job is that it’s something you can feel great about.

Giving someone their smile back changes their life, and that is huge. There is just nothing like it.

At Swamp Rabbit Dental, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care and an anxiety-free patient experience!

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With almost two decades of dental experience in the Upstate, you can trust Dr. Parks Alexander to provide exceptional and highly skilled care.

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Our office was built during the pandemic, which allowed us to incorporate updated CDC Guidance for Dental Settings regarding airflow patterns. Specifically, our HVAC ductwork includes air returns in each treatment and hygiene room. Our return air is then purified, with 99% effectiveness in trapping germs and viruses. Our return air is also disinfected with UV-C germicidal lamps.

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At Swamp Rabbit Dental, we enjoy developing deep relationships with our patients and finding solutions that improve your quality of life. At our office, you’ll find warmth, professionalism, and a total lack of judgment… and pushy is not even in our vocabulary.

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Outside the office, Dr. Alexander enjoys mountain biking, gardening (you might say he is obsessed with hot peppers), exploring the mountains, and woodworking. He has always had a knack for working with his hands and is very detail-oriented, making dentistry an excellent professional fit.

Patient Review

‘‘I am grateful to have found Dr. Alexander... Dr. Alexander and his staff have done everything possible to make my visits comfortable, stress-free, and pain-free... Having suffered a severe dental phobia for all of my life, this group finally has me to the point where I do not dread appointments, am perfectly comfortable and relaxed, and am able to cooperate easily with any procedure...The quality of care is top-notch and I cannot think of anything that they could do better.’’

Mary O.

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